A "Green" Quality Program

A “Green” Quality Program

Originally seen as a “value-add”, green cleaning has now become a standard best-practice in the custodial industry. In addition to the positive environmental impact, a professional green cleaning program can also strengthen customer relations, save money and increase the cleaning quality within the building.

LEED-EB Custodial Effectiveness Assessment

One way that an organization can gain credits toward LEED certification is by conducting a Custodial Effectiveness Assessment with the Smart Inspect quality app. LEED prefers this audit to be conducted by a third-party, but credit can also be gained through self-inspections. If you are interested in a third-party Custodial Effectiveness Assessment, contact your Smart Inspect representative to learn more.

With LEEDv4, you can use the Smart Inspect quality program to earn one EQ credit (Indoor Environmental Quality) via a Custodial Effectiveness Assessment.