Handheld Inspection Device

Save time and money with paperless quality inspections

  • Spend less time entering data. Smart Inspect saves time and clicks by “defaulting” all items within an area to “acceptable.” You simply need to record “deficient” items and any associated notes or pictures.
  • Eliminate the paper trail. Smart Inspect eliminates the paper trail and redundancies involved with other inspection programs. Paper-based program data is very difficult to manage and places an unnecessary burden on your organization and the environment. By keeping everything digital, data is stored electronically and shared automatically.
  • Work on your smart phone or tablet. Smart Inspect runs on most smart phones, tablets, and other leading handheld devices. With a few taps on the device, a user can perform an inspection
  • Uploading is easy. When your inspection is complete, upload your data wirelessly. Once uploaded, notifications / reports are pushed to selected users, tickets are generated, photos are sent, and your inspection data is ready for viewing.


Handheld Inspection Device

Eliminate the paper trail and use smart phones or tablets to perform fast and easy quality audits.

Customized Reports

Quality reports are designed to be easily read, shared, and understood.

Streamlined Communications

Communicate with your customers, managers and staff with notes, tickets, and automated reports.

Add & Share Photos

Take photographs of quality deficiencies, safety concerns, maintenance needs, or a job well done.

Cleaning Dashboard

Customize your quality dashboard to analyze and share what matters to you.

Smart Tickets

Create, schedule and manage your recurring projects and work orders.

GPS Tracking

Maps are used to guarantee the validity of an inspector’s work. Use GPS location data to verify the accuracy of a completed inspection.

Inspector Dashboards

Receive custom reports that are important to you – We’ll push them to your device.