Quality Dashboards

Quality dashboards & other reports provide real-time cleaning data to those who need it. This information helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses, fine-tune your training program, and create an impressive environment for prospective and current students.

Quality cleaning dashboards, trends and other reports are auto-sent to your team and customers:

  • A completely paperless, mobile quality program
  • Fast cleaning inspections, with pre-configured inspection templates / checklists
  • You decide who receives which quality reports, and when
  • Quality results, notes and photos are immediately available
  • Cleaning report options include dashboards, bar charts, pie charts, line graphs and lists
  • Ensure residential spaces are clean and ready for students’ return

APPA Quality Standards

Smart Inspect can help you measure your APPA level of cleanliness

Quality Dashboards

Dashboards, trends and other reports are auto-sent to your team and customers

Benchmark Quality

Benchmark your custodial quality levels against peer colleges and universities