Customizable Janitorial Quality Checklists & Reports

The contract cleaning business is fast-paced and challenging. To meet these demands, a janitorial quality program has to be simple, customized and fast – otherwise, it will not be used. Smart Inspect is built for speed.

Smart Inspect’s inspection cleaning templates & reports are unique to your customers:

  • A completely paperless, mobile quality program
  • Fast cleaning inspections, with pre-configured inspection templates / checklists
  • Customized to only include your customers’ data
  • You decide who receives which quality cleaning reports, and when
  • Quality results, notes and photos are immediately available
  • Maintenance report options include dashboards, bar charts, pie charts, line graphs and lists

Retain Janitorial Customers

Improve your customer relationships and communication with Smart Inspect

Customizable Janitorial Quality Checklists & Reports

Create inspection templates and reports that are unique to your customers

Win More Bids

Impress potential clients with an automated quality app, built just for you