Janitorial Quality and Cost Control

Your facilities department is under constant pressure to cut costs and budget wisely. Did you know that janitorial quality software can help? The right inspection program will help you identify issues before they become costly.

Control your janitorial costs and budget by implementing inspection software:

  • Correct cleanliness issues before they require expensive restorative work
  • Cleaning inspection software is a small investment with big returns
  • Instead of adding staff (and cost), focus current staff on priority areas
  • Schedule and control restorative services to avoid over-spending on this category
  • Control the preventative maintenance budget by entering and tracking work orders
  • Communicate cleaning quality results quickly and effectively to avoid expensive re-work

Janitorial Quality and Cost Control

Control your cleaning costs and budget by implementing inspection software

Paperless Janitorial Quality Inspection

Smart Inspect audits are fast and easy; no paper or pen required

Define and Measure Janitorial Specifications

Measure your cleaning program against defined janitorial specifications