Paperless Janitorial Quality Inspection

Many organizations still perform cleaning inspections using paper inspection forms and lists. Upgrading to a mobile quality app will have a huge impact on inspection speed, detail and efficiency – your customers and staff will thank you for the real-time reporting.

Smart Inspect cleaning audits are fast and easy; no paper or pen required:

  • A completely paperless, mobile quality program
  • Fast janitorial inspections, with pre-configured inspection templates / checklists
  • Share results with one button click
  • You decide who receives which quality reports, and when
  • Quality results, notes and photos are immediately available
  • Cleaning report options include dashboards, bar charts, pie charts, line graphs and lists

Janitorial Quality and Cost Control

Control your cleaning costs and budget by implementing inspection software

Paperless Janitorial Quality Inspection

Smart Inspect audits are fast and easy; no paper or pen required

Define and Measure Janitorial Specifications

Measure your cleaning program against defined janitorial specifications