EVS Infection Prevention Tools

A recent study concluded that “In the past 20 years, the overall incidence of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in the USA has increased by 36%. Annually, in the USA, approximately 2 million patients suffer from a HAI, and an estimated 90,000 of these patients die. This ranks HAI as the fifth leading cause of death in US acute-care hospitals.” EVS quality programs can help reduce the risk of HAIs and reverse this trend.

EVS quality programs help to reduce faculty absenteeism and the risk of infectious disease:

  • Know which areas, units and items scored the highest and lowest on the cleaning quality scale
  • Design your cleaning quality program to focus on areas that harbor the most germs
  • Identify at-risk areas and perform corrective action
  • Schedule project work so that deep cleaning is never missed
  • Use metrics to ensure accountability and continuous improvement
  • Data analytics reveal gaps in training and SOW knowledge

Improve HCAHPS Scores

Smart Inspect helps healthcare institutions improve their HCAHPS scores and patient satisfaction

EVS Infection Prevention Tools

EVS quality programs help to reduce faculty absenteeism, patient re-admittance and the risk of infectious disease

EVS Assessment

Benchmark your EVS and housekeeping quality levels against healthcare industry standards