Improve HCAHPS Scores

HCAHPS is a patient satisfaction survey required for all hospitals in the United States. The survey and its results are extremely important, serving as the voice of the patient, publicly posted on the internet, and directly impacting a healthcare organization’s reputation and government reimbursement. One of the survey topics, Cleanliness of Hospital Environment, is directly impacted by an organization’s EVS quality control program.

Smart Inspect helps healthcare institutions and hospitals improve their HCAHPS scores and patient satisfaction:

  • Design your cleaning quality program to focus on areas that harbor the greatest number of pathogens
  • Identify at-risk areas and perform immediate corrective action
  • Quality data and photos are instantly shared with staff and unit directors
  • Proactive use of mobile technology is observed by patients and staff
  • Inspect rooms after patient discharge to ensure readiness
  • Schedule project work so that deep cleaning is never missed
  • Use janitorial metrics to ensure accountability and continuous improvement
  • Reveal gaps in training and SOW knowledge with data analytics

Improve HCAHPS Scores

Smart Inspect helps healthcare institutions improve their HCAHPS scores and patient satisfaction

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