Win More Bids

Winning a new janitorial contract is a difficult task. The cleaning industry is highly competitive, with tight margins and a perception that “all cleaning companies are the same”. Stand out among your competition by offering a superior quality inspection program.

Impress potential janitorial clients with an automated quality app, built just for you:

  • Customized cleaning inspection templates, pre-loaded with customer’s data
  • Include quality program marketing material in your bids
  • Paperless inspection app, built with the latest technology
  • Display your customer’s logo on your maintenance inspection reports
  • Use quality software to build a transparent partnership with clients
  • Show potential cleaning customers your commitment to accountability

Retain Janitorial Customers

Improve your customer relationships and communication with Smart Inspect

Customizable Janitorial Quality Checklists & Reports

Create inspection templates and reports that are unique to your customers

Win More Bids

Impress potential clients with an automated quality app, built just for you