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Smart Inspect is the custodial, janitorial, and EVS quality inspection app powering the world’s best cleaning and maintenance programs, since 2002.

“Smart Inspect has helped us achieve the highest levels of cleaning quality.”

Jon Kuskie
Piedmont Office Realty Trust


Join thousands of worldwide cleaning professionals and BSC’s who are improving lives through custodial, janitorial, and housekeeping quality assurance software.

Your Inspection Program Before Smart Inspect

Your customers and team expect more from your custodial, EVS or janitorial quality inspections.

A Better Way with Smart Inspect

Improve cleanliness and quality

50,000 facilities across the globe have used our app for cleaner and healthier outcomes.

Go digital

One software platform for all your needs.

Loosen your schedule

From our turnkey setup process to the simple app interface, you’ll get more time put back into your day.

Transform your customer experience

We’ve perfected our reporting and permissions to please every stakeholder.

Experience the difference

100% built and supported by cleaning and maintenance industry experts since 2002.

Reduce risk

Machine learning technology predicts costly mistakes before they occur.

What You Get

Platform Features
Inspection App

100% digital
Fast and easy inspections
In-app reporting
No Wi-Fi connection needed
Add photos and notes


Dashboards, trends, photos, and deficiencies
Inspector analytics
Easy filter for customization
Quick share with customers or team
Auto-sent based on your timing

Smart Tickets

Create and manage work orders
Schedule and track project work
QR codes for general public submittals
Push notifications to mobile and email
Recurring tickets or one-time events

Special Features

GPS mapping for accountability
Performance-tracking reports and KPI’s
Benchmark with your peers
Complete user permissioning
Third-party audits by cleaning experts


Anticipate cleaning deficiencies before they happen
Predict quality scores / KPI’s for the following month
Benchmark quality against industry peers
Analyze inspections for accuracy and consistency
Utilize machine learning to save time and resources

Super Easy Setup

You show up – we take care of the rest. Turnkey onboarding experience led by cleaning quality experts.

Step 1

Assess your cleaning quality needs

Step 2

Set up buildings
and users

Step 3

Start Inspecting

Step 4

Enjoy cleaner, healthier buildings

Get Inspired By Your Peers

Upgrade to Smart Inspect

See all features of our custodial, janitorial and EVS inspection app in action through a live demo with our team of quality inspection experts