How to Use Cleaning Inspections to Motivate Your Employees


Employee motivation and morale play an important role in retaining your cleaning talent.   Additionally, a motived workforce will drive efficiency, cleaner buildings, and a better experience for building occupants.  And from a financial standpoint, a happy cleaning team will have less costly turnover and minimize the need for re-training and unnecessary administrative work.

Cleaning managers all over the country are looking for ways to keep their cleaners engaged and proactive in the spaces they service. The right customization of digital inspection tools can provide you with an important mechanism to grow your employees’ motivation to levels consistent with world-class cleaning programs.


Address Employee Accountability

Did you know that cleaning inspection software can be customized to assess the cleaning assignments for each of your workers?  The resulting inspection statistics can then be broken down to reflect each cleaner’s performance, measured against performance goals and benchmarks.  At the ground level, this provides management with the necessary information to update and customize the training, equipment and supplies that employees receive.  It also provides each employee with an in-depth overview of where they are excelling and where improvements may be needed.


Promote Team Building

While accountability is important on an individual cleaner level, it is also vital that the entire cleaning staff operates effectively as a team. Digital inspection software can be used to close the communication loop and keep all employees on the same page. Enabling supervisors as users in the quality reporting system and regularly communicating inspection results can encourage your staff to delegate themselves according to the areas of need.  It also allows each employee to adjust the way they approach their daily tasks.  Comprehensive quality inspection programs help teams to feel like their work makes a difference, and the outcome of their cleaning process has a measurable impact on occupant health and experience.


Incentivize Positive Findings

Everyone likes to be rewarded for a job well-done.  When cleaning inspections yield a good result, consider adding a bit of positive reinforcement to the cleaning team.  This does not need to be in the form of a pay raise, although a bonus for good work is always a nice reward.  The concept of giving back to your cleaners can give you a chance to explore your creativity as a cleaning manager, and it can include an act as simple as throwing a pizza party in the break room at the end of the month if your cleaners achieve a preconceived standard of cleanliness.

Another popular morale-building strategy is to use your inspection app to take notes and photographs of exceptionally clean areas, and to note customer compliments.  Share these positive outcomes with the cleaners.  Remember that it is best to communicate opportunities for improvement in private, while a successful cleaning outcome is most impactful when recognized publicly.

These strategies will give your employees a reason to want to show up to work and do their best every day.


Motivate for Success

There are many approaches to managing your cleaning staff, and one of your highest concerns should be the motivation of all employees. A motivated staff leads to better results, no matter what industry you serve and no matter how big your cleaning program may be.



Are you struggling to keep your cleaners motivated in their jobs? Contact the support team using the form below, and learn more about how you can make improvements and boost employee morale.