How to Use Photos to Improve Cleaning Quality


Photographs play an important role in everyone’s life; they are meant to grab attention, tell a story, and can quickly convey a message. In fact, photos are so important to our daily lives, we have created social networks for the sole purpose of sharing pictures with each other. Picture sharing made its way into the cleaning industry with the availability of smartphones. Phones with cameras are in the hands of your employees, your stakeholders, and the occupants of the spaces you and your team maintain. This post will cover how you can incorporate photos in your inspections to make your cleaning more effective, more efficient, and ultimately, more valuable.


Sometimes a photo is better than the written word at quickly communicating a message. A photo grabs attention and provides a visual of the cleaning deficiency that was found, creating a clear actionable message to the maintenance and custodial staff. Attaching a photo with notes or a work order can direct the custodial crew or maintenance team to the exact place the incident occurred. This reduces the amount of time it takes for your team to follow-up on the deficiency. They won’t waste valuable time showing up to the wrong spot, and even sometimes mistakenly closing out a work ticket for the wrong item. In short, attaching pictures to notes and work orders will make your corrective action process more efficient and effective.


Photos give you the information that matters. How often have you received a work order that contains insufficient information? For example, if a door hinge breaks, you’ll need to know the type of door hinge, the type of break, and what parts you’ll need to fix it. Without a picture, your maintenance staff will need to walk to the site, locate the deficiency, and collect this information. A photo allows them to skip that entire step and bring the right supplies on their first trip.




Taking pictures while performing cleaning inspections can also help your business case and provide value to more than just your employees. Using apps like Smart Inspect, supervisors can share photos of items included in their inspections with clients, stakeholders, and other building occupants. This establishes authority in your inspections, and it also promotes proactivity and closure to the quality loop.  A savvy salesperson can even use deficiency photographs to upsell the client on additional floor care, carpet care or window cleaning.




With so many people using phones and taking pictures daily, adding photos to your cleaning inspections is a highly effective and timely strategy. Properly implemented, you can build on the strength of your team and prove your company is highly competent and proficient with the latest that technology offers to the cleaning industry.

The Smart Inspect team is always available to provide you with any needed guidance and direction regarding photos in cleaning inspections; we even have customized photo-reports that you can easily export, print or share with your team.

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